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Merry Meet! I'm pleased that you've found your way to my Book of Shadows. There's not a lot here yet, but I have tons of information to add. My name is Berkanna DragonStar, and I'm an eclectic solitary witch. I believe there is a Supreme Higher Power who created the world, the universe and all that it contains. I believe that the God and Goddess contain the essence of this Higher Power, which is why I choose to worship them. I believe that the deities of each religion are equally valid. I believe that who a person chooses to worship is unimportant; it's the faith itself that matters. Whatever faith you practice, I hope you can find something of use here. I will not be posting any spells. Instead I choose to give you the necessary ingredients to make your own magick. I put a lot of work into my tables, and though you're welcome to print them out for your own personal use, please do not add them to your website. Blessed Be. ~Berkanna~

Plant Correspondence Table A-DPlant Correspondence Table E-KPlant Correspondence Table L-QPlant Correspondence Table R-Z
Oil Correspondence Table
Goddess Correspondence TableGod Correspondence Table

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